Flowchart showing the process of statistical analysis to identify

Flowchart showing the process of statistical analysis to identify

Exact test for goodness-of-fit. 1. -. -. test fit of observed frequencies to expected frequencies. use for small sample sizes (less than 1000) count the number of red, pink and white flowers in a genetic cross, test fit to expected 1:2:1 ratio, total sample <1000. Chi-square test of goodness-of-fit. 1.

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Mathematics and Statistics Support These resources are designed to help you choose the right analysis for your research. In addition to our existing paper resources, we have a new interactive choosing the test process.

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The choice of statistical test used for analysis of data from a research study is crucial in interpreting the results of the study. This article gives an overview of the various factors that determine the selection of a statistical test and lists some statistical testsused in common practice. How to cite this article: Ranganathan P.

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Statistical tests work by calculating a test statistic - a number that describes how much the relationship between variables in your test differs from the null hypothesis of no relationship. It then calculates a p value (probability value).

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Interactive Statistical Test Flowchart Which statistical test should you use? Made by Matt Jackson-Wood An interactive stats flowchart / decision tree to help you choose an appropriate statistical test. Based on a statistics flowchart produced by Andy Field. Test details from Wikipedia. Code based on the decisionTree jQuery plugin by Dan Smith.

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Choosing a Stats Test - Interactive Flowchart (Psychology) Subject: Psychology Age range: 16+ Resource type: Game/puzzle/quiz File previews pptx, 313.35 KB This interactive flowchart helps you decide which statistics test to perform based on the type of data you have and what you are looking for.

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Statistical Test Flow Chart Geo 441: Quantitative Methods Part B - Group Comparison II Normal Non-Normal 1 Sample z Test 2 Sample (Independent) t Test for equal variances Paired Sample t Test Compare two groups Compare more than two groups 1- Way AOV F Test One group Non-paired data Paired data

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This article presents a flowchart to help students in selecting the most appropriate statistical test based on a couple of criteria. 1 Flowchart Due to the large number of tests, the image is quite wide so it may not render well on all screens.

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The statistical test needs to be able to answer your research question. It may be that there is more than one option that produces equally legitimate results. If this is the case, find out more about the test, its advantages and disadvantages, how they correspond with your research question and data to come to a decision.


This chapter illustrates flow chart to determine the most appropriate statistical test. This chart shows different kinds of data. To test for the difference between variables, various statistical tests are used. These are unpaired t-test, paired t-test, Mann-Whitney U test, Pearson's chi-square test, Wilcoxon signed-rank test, Kruskal-Wallis.

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What statistical test should I do? How many. variables? 1 variable. 2 variables > 2 variables. Qualitative. Quantitative. 2 groups > 2 groups. One -proportion. test. Chi-square. goodness of t test. Parametric. Nonparametric. One -sample. Student's t-test. One -sample. Wilcoxon test. Quantitative. dependent variable. Qualitative. dependent.

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Finally, I'll give you an incredibly useful statistical test flow chart - The Hypothesis Wheel - that will help you in choosing a statistical test for your study, along with the 4 hypothesis testing steps you'll need along the way. This post forms part of a series on the 4 types of data in statistics. For more detail, choose from the options below:

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Different statistical tests have different requirements and planning in advance has various benefits: Knowing the statistical approach will allow you to plan the way you collect your data. You will save time because you'll only collect relevant data. You will save effort.

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The type of statistical test to choose depends on the type of data that you have, and your research question. One way to choose an appropriate statistical test is to make use of a statistical flowchart. This flow chart for selecting commonly used statistical tests by Gerwien (2014) will help you visualize the steps involved.

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Flow Chart for Selecting Commonly Used Statistical Tests Parametric Assumptions: 1. Independent, unbiased samples 2. Data normally distributed 3. Equal variances Continuous Type of data? Discrete, categorical Type of question Chi-square tests one and two sample Relationships Differences Do you have a true independent variable?