Tessa Virtue Scott Moir 2018 Pair Getting Stars on Canada's Walk of Fame

Turns Out, This Ice Dancing Couple's Routine Is Too Hot For TV Tessa

To all the women, especially the young women, who put their faith in this campaign and in me. I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.

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Notes: Tessa and Scott join the Gold Medal Plates tour again, this time giving their keynot speech in Belgium and France. Fantasy on Ice. Date: June 15 - July 1 Notes: Tessa and Scott join fellow figure skaters as they tour across Japan. Thank you Canada Tour. Date: October 5 - November 24

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Tumblr Username: (your username) Your Prompt: (One sentence or less - give your gifter some creative space) What your fanwork talents are: Opinion on Tessa and Scott as a romantic pair: (Any response is fine! We ask in order to be able to match you with a blogger with similar viewpoints) Anything you are uncomfortable gifting or receiving?

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Above All, Best Friends by badunkadunk - He sees a wink and a grin being tossed at Tessa, who blushes. Scott wished he hadn't seen it, the moment the illusion started to shatter. Acting Oblivious Comes Natural to Us by hyacinthian - And she just smiles, takes his hand. "We're just being Scott and Tessa," she says.

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"Working with Scott is really cool," she admits, that coy smile returning before she turns reflective again. "One thing that Scott always says is, 'The goal for me and Tessa [Virtue] was for us to make people feel something.' I've been trying to tap into that, [but] it's not something that I think I'm great at at this point in my career, the emotion, the performance side."

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Tumblr dedicated to the awesome ice dancing duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir! Credit for pictures and videos goes to the owners. Posts tessavirtueandscottmoir-blog reblogged zosiasvalentines Follow virtuestessa.tumblr.com not that I ever expected Tessa to be bad at anything bc she's perfect but

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Scott And Tessa Say Relationship Is 'So Much Better' Than You Imagine

Some of y'all already saw the key parts of this video via my twitter.namely the faux proposal lol. "Holy mother of God. Tessa Virtue just (faux) proposed to Scott Moir Y'all Lol #VirtueMoir God bless the person who said GET MARRIED" . This is the 3 min version where my ovaries melted when Scott interacts with the little girl. .

Are Tessa And Scott A Couple? We Answer The Big Question

Tessa & Scott | Exile Requested by @scottandtess ooof this HURT virtuemoir purplehazinggirl folksyswift

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TORONTO, ON - APRIL 14 - Recently retired Canadian ice dancer Tessa Virtue is shown inside the King Edward Hotel. Together with dance partner Scott Moir, Virtue is a 2010 and 2018 Olympic champion. April 14, 2018. Photos: Bernard Weil

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Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir become two-time Ice Dance Olympic Champions and the most decorated Olympic figure skaters of all time | February 20th 2018 #put me in an early grave tessavirtueandmoir reblogged icevirtuemoir Follow Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir after their Free Dance at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics #BYE tessavirtueandmoir reblogged

Tessa Virtue Scott Moir 2018 Pair Getting Stars on Canada's Walk of Fame

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Figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir headline Canada's Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2023. (Greg Kolz/Skate Canada) Canada's greatest figure-skating duo is now enshrined together forever.