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The T-72 is a Soviet -designed main battle tank that entered production in 1971. It replaced the T-54/55 series as the workhorse of Soviet tank forces (while the T-64 and T-80 served as the Soviet high-technology tanks). [citation needed]

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T-72 "Ural" modernization. Large numbers of early T-72 production models were modernized in 1980s. The modernization included placing the search light on the right-hand-side of main armament, blanking off the TPD-2-49 coincidence optical rangefinder and fitting of rubber skirts protecting the tracks instead of the flipper type armor panels.

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Faced with the production problems and high cost of the complex T-64 tank, the Soviet Union initiated the Object 172 project to develop a new main battle tank that would retain the T-64's best features, including its light weight, 125mm cannon, and use of an autoloader to reduce crew size. The result, the T-72, was considered an effective "wartime production" version of the T-64. It became.

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The T-72 Ural weighed 41 tons and had, like the T-64A, a crew of three men. It was powered by a V-46 V12 supercharged diesel engine producing 780hp (power-to-weight ratio of 19 hp/t) and paired with a planetary gearbox, allowing it to go as fast as 60 km/h, although the actual road speed was usually not higher than 50 km/h and the off-road.

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The T-72 Ural Escalation Eastern Alliance Heavy Tank is an absolute behemoth with excellent stats in key areas: A ferocious gun with 550 alpha damage. Outstanding protection, including heavily sloped hull armor that's covered with a layer of composite armor, plus thick turret armor. Amazing mobility for a heavy tank.

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A relic of the Cold War Considered the most widely used battle tank in the modern world, the T-72 has seen service by over 40 countries and throughout a number of conflicts. It was developed from the Soviet T-64 tank and began its service with the Soviet Army in 1973. Sovit T-64B tank.

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9 Comments T-72 with fish gill sideskirts. Illustration by Pavel Alexe based on work by David Bocquelet. Contents: Background T-72 Ural-1 Operation - the 1st Tank Regiment "Vlad Țepeș" T-72 at the Revolution - Petty Combat Post-1989 & Dissolution 114th Tank Battalion "Petru Cercel" TR-125 (P-125) Type 64 Conclusion

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T-72 obr. 1976g "Ural-1" (Object 172M1). (Vitaly V. Kuzmin) The Ural-1 is a modernization of the first production "Ural". The modernization included replacing the main armament from the D-81TM to the 2A46 smoothbore gun, placing the searchlight on the right-hand side of the main armament, and fitting of rubber skirts protecting the hull's side in place of the flipper type armor panels.

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T-72 Medium Tank. The T-72 (tank "Ural") was designed in the Soviet Union for the secondary sectors of the front, as a cheap backup in case of a major war. Curiously enough, the T-72 was produced.

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The T-72 is small by western standards, and particularly low (about 60 cm/2 ft lower than its counterparts). This was a requirement which also helped to keep the total weight largely under the NATO practice. This allowed a great deal of mobility despite an aged V-12 diesel.

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Land Systems / Battlefield T-72 (Ural) Main Battle Tank (MBT) [ 1972 ] One of the most successful post-World War 2 tank designs, the Soviet-era T-72 Main Battle Tank succeeded the T-54/T-55 series systems and continues in service today.

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The T-72 Ural was the first production variant of the T-72 family of main battle tanks which were produced between 1973 to 1974 for the basic Ural series with the Ural-1 series being produced from 1975 to 1979 with the vehicle seeing many changes over the years in each production model as the vehicles design slowly shifted into what would.

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Specification Weight - 41 tons max Engine - 12 cylinder V-46-4; 780 hp (574 kW) Max speed - 60 km/h forward and 4 km/h reverse (the same as other T-72 variants) Gunner optic - TPD-2-49 (TPN-1-49-2 for night vision (Gen 1 NVD))

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Development Development from the T-64 The T-72 was a product of a rivalry between design teams. Morozov KB was led by Alexander Morozov in Kharkiv. Uralvagon KB was led by Leonid Kartsev in Nizhny Tagil. [16] To improve on the T-62, two designs based on the tank were tested in 1964: Nizhny Tagil's Object 167 (T-62B) and Kharkiv's Object 434. [16]

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T-72 (Ural) History. Ever since the Soviet/Russia introduced the victorious T-34 medium tank in WWII, they have maintained their preference for successful (and globally popular) tank designs. The T-34 kicked off a long history of high-performance, low-cost combat machines designed to match or in some cases surpass existing Western offerings..