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They are: Sunday: 日曜日, nichiyoubi Monday: 月曜日, getsuyoubi Tuesday: 火曜日, kayoubi Wednesday: 水曜日, suiyoubi Thursday: 木曜日, mokuyoubi Friday: 金曜日, kinyoubi Saturday: 土曜日, doyoubi In this simple guide, you'll learn how to write the days of the week in Japanese and easy ways to remember them.

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The kanji for (-youbi) in particular can be difficult to write by hand, so you might want to start by writing only the first kanji, then -youbi in hiragana. However, there is a simple memory trick that Japanese students use for the first character of each day of the week.

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曜日 (youbi) The kanji 曜 means "weekday," and 日 means "day," so 曜日 means "day of the week." The seven days of the week are expressed as follows: 日曜日 (nichiyoubi) - Sunday.

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Youbi Kanji Writing Anime Japanese writing 1.17K subscribers Subscribe 2.6K views 2 years ago Japanese Writing Let's learn how to write Youbi (曜日- Week) in Kanji with pronunciation! It's.


Japanese Weekday Song English Translation. Monday "Starting" Day. Tuesday Greetings "Sup!". Day. Wednesday I fell and "Waah" sDay. Thursday Will it rain? "Open an Umbrella" Day. Friday Lunch "Fried Food" Day. Saturday Run into friends "Been a while" Day.

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Here is the link to the Learn Kanji Website: http://www.kanjivideos.com/Use this lesson to learn how to write 曜 - day of the week (曜日) in Japanese kanji. Thi.

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Japanese Dictionary Meaning of 曜日 ようび in Japanese 曜日 JLPT 3 ようび yōbi noun (common) (futsuumeishi) day of the week Related Study Lists JLPT N3 Study List Taylor 2013-01-13 いけない , いらっしゃい, いらしゃい , おまえ, おまい, おめえ 1621 Words 亡 , 才 , 与 , 王 , 支 , 欠 341 Kanji 55 subscribers Kanji I'm Learning Neechan's MC 2014-02-12 いち, ひと , に, ふた, ふ, ふう , さん, み 168 Words

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here's the list with the meaning of each Kanji. Days of the week in Japanese 日=Sun 月=Moon 火=Fire 水=Water 木=Wood 金=Gold 土=Soil Every-time I teach kanji for days of the week, I always get the question from my students, "moon, fire, water, wood…WHY???" I've kept saying that there's no reason so you just need to remember,

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View the correct stroke order and learn to write all the kanji and kana for 呼び (yobi).

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3 Days in Japanese 4 How to Remember the Days of the Week in Japanese 4.1 Monday in Japanese 4.2 Tuesday in Japanese 4.3 Wednesday in Japanese 4.4 Thursday in Japanese 4.5 Friday in Japanese 4.6 Saturday in Japanese 4.7 Sunday in Japanese 5 Days of the week in Kanji 6 Days of the week in Hiragana 7 How to remember the Japanese Days of the Week

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十月 juu-gatsu = October. 十一月 juu-ichi-gatsu = November. 十二月 juu-ni-gatsu = December. A lot of students get confused with these "GEtsu" and "GAtsu", so just remember this rule and you can always use 月 right! Now I'll show you the rest of the days of the week. Tuesday - 火曜日 KA-youbi. 火 ひ means "fire".

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The days of the week are formed in Japanese like days of the week are in English. For example, the "day" part remains the same while the first part of the word changes. The same is true for Japanese. The Japanese ending that means "day" is writtenようび in hiragana and pronounced as "youbi.". The only changes between the days of.

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Originated from ancient Chinese astronomy, Shichiyou (七曜) [*] is the word for the seven celestial bodies, Taiyou (太陽: Sun) Tsuki (月: Moon) Ka-Sei (火星: Mars) Sui-Sei (水星: Mercury) Moku-Sei (木星: Jupiter) Kin-Sei (金星: Venus) Do-Sei (土星: Saturn)

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Kanji: Furigana: Romaji: Kanji Meaning: Monday:. You might have noticed that each day of the week contains 曜日 (ようび - youbi) which means day. On Japanese calendars and day planners you might see an abbreviation of just the element that proceeds the 曜日, such as just 月 in places where you'd usually see abbreviations like.


View the correct stroke order and learn to write all the kanji and kana for 曜日 (youbi).

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English Meaning (s) for 何曜日 noun Stroke Order Diagrams for 何曜日 Kanji Details » Add to Kanji Details » Add to Kanji Details » Add to Sample Sentences for 何曜日 いつも何曜日なら空いていますか? What day are you usually free? View Sentence Details » 今日、何曜日? What day is it today? View Sentence Details » 休みは何曜日? What days are your days-off? View Sentence Details »