How To Make Notes for UPSC Exam Evernote Software for UPSC Note Making YouTube

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To Purchase UPSC Handwritten Notes of Ancient India History, Indian Economy, Indian Geography, Physical & Human Geography, Polity and Modern History Booklets.

How To Use Evernote for CSE Note Making How to Make UPSC Notes on Evernote YouTube

How To Use Evernote for UPSC Note Making | How to Make UPSC Notes on EvernoteIn this video, We discussed about how to make notes in Evernote as an UPSC aspir.

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Making use of photographic memory- Most of us tend to remember things by looking at them. it somehow gets etched in our brains. The inspiration for making PSIR notes with photos of scholars attached came from Tushar Gupta sir, IPS 2019 batch. His evernote is public and can be referred to for value addition.

How To Make Notes for UPSC Exam Evernote Software for UPSC Note Making YouTube

How To Make Notes for UPSC Exam | Evernote Software for UPSC Note MakingIn this video, We discussed about how to make notes as an UPSC aspirant. Also we disc.

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My current affairs preparation consisted of. • Newspaper reading (30-45 min, no note making)— everyday. • Online reading of the daily news compilation (choose any institute material for this)— everyday (45 min, highlighting and capturing the material on Evernote) • A revision of last week's issues, catching up on All India Radio.

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My short notes were what i had made in Evernote. Evernote PSIR Notes If you take a good look at the notes which i have made for PSIR, you will see that every scholar has a pictorial reference and what s/he said has been tabulated. While writing answers, the images are what came to mind and the corresponding lines i could easily recall.

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Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking app designed to help people capture and annotate their ideas. It can be accessed via web browser, desktop apps for Windows and Mac or mobile apps for iOS and.


how to use evernote web note maker for upsc civil services examination preparation. also learn evernote web clipper usage.

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In this video, We discussed about how to Prepare Current Affairs for UPSC CSE 2020. Also, we discussed how Evernote can help you in making concise and effici.

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13. r/UPSC. Join. • 17 days ago. Somebody asked the other day what do you do to deal with stress. Well here's my go to person. 353. 76. r/UPSC.

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A few book lists by toppers. Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth. Indian Culture - Spectrum. India's Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra. International Relations NCERT XI & XII. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh. NCERTs of History, Geography & Polity Class 8th-12th. Certificate of Physical Geography by GC Leong. Here are some of the best.

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Hi, I will be sharing some Evernote notes which I used. They are derived from my classnotes, some test series trivia, other online and offline information. There might be some typos here and there.. (AIR 24 UPSC 2017) - replace all classnotes with Vajiram classnotes. It'll take me sometime to arrange all the information. Till then you.

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How to use Evernote for UPSC. Evernote is a popular notes-taking application that can be useful for UPSC preparation. Here's how you can use Evernote for UPSC: Create separate notebooks: Create separate notebooks for different subjects like history, geography, economics, and current affairs. This will help you in organizing your notes.

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For example: I will have a stack of notebooks named Current Affairs. Then notebooks for months like January 2020 etc. Within each Notebook, there are notes. Now each note will be tagged with 3 different categories of tags. For UPSC, I have made tags for each level i.e, @pre, @mains and @interview.

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📝In this video, We discussed about how to prepare notes in Evernote for topic wise as per CSE Syllabus. We looked at how to prepare notebooks and stacks for.