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Man Kat A1 8x8 Expedition Vehicle Premium Man L2000 14/264 Man 14/264 L2000 4x4 225 000km 3 blocks Vasp caravan m1 G 3 places grey card No restrictions on weekends and public holidays. Limiter blocked at 100km/h. (voluntarily) 10t trailer (rare) Robust, powerful 264 hp expedition vehicle with an excellent reputation, repaired all over the world.

Used MAN KAT A1 15t. 8x8 (2.90m) for Sale at A.M. Hommeles B.V.

The Power of MAN KAT A1 8x8 Old Trucks German Military - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC The Power of MAN KAT 1 A1 Military Old Trucks for the German army, Off-Road trucks 8x8, 6x6 vehicles.

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Am 10. Juni 2020 startet Petra mit ihrem MAN KAT 8x8 zu einer zehn- bis fünfzehnjährigen Weltreise. Kurz vor der Abfahrt lädt sie uns zu einer kleinen Fahrt.

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Man Kat Overland 8x8, Chester, Cheshire. 3,423 likes · 7 talking about this. Welcome to our page featuring the Man Kat 8x8 Overland Expedition Truck..

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The Man Kats are powered by air cooled v8 Deutz engines. I have reached out to Deutz Americas to see what information they can provide and information on parts and support from them, but anyone have any knowledge on the reliability of these air cooled engines? in the cold? in the heat?

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The MAN KAT comes with a diesel V8 with varying horsepower figures based on the number of axles you get. So, a MAN KAT1 8x8 camper would have 360 hp, while a 4x4 would come with 256 hp. The standard transmission is a 16-speed manual which comes with 2 reverse gears. Since we're talking about overlanding here, it should be obvious that the.

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The 8×8 version was the first Category 1 model to enter production and first deliveries were made in 1976. Deliveries of a 6×6 tipper and the 4×4 cargo truck began in 1977. Deliveries of the 6×6 cargo truck began in January 1979; final deliveries were made in 1981.

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MAN KAT 8x8. A MAN KAT 8x8 expedition truck is the final boss in the overlanding game. A MAN KAT1 8x8 camper is going to be the most practical option here, with its 10,000 kg payload capacity and the highest power output. You can load it up with all sorts of luxuries and amenities, and still have some room left over. A MAN KAT 8x8 camper may.

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Am 10. Juni 2020 startet Petra mit ihrem MAN KAT 8x8 zu einer zehn- bis fünfzehnjährigen Weltreise. Kurz vor der Abfahrt lädt sie uns zu einer Roomtour ein..

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USA (1098970) Canada (103998) United Kingdom (188188) China (1264379) Germany (248474) Show more Condition Used New Refurbished Year

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The MAN KAT is produced in high numbers and in use around the world. This particular mod features the 8x8 as an open flatbed. The truck features accurate front wheel steering, has working lights (extra lights toggle the orange lights around the vehicle), working mirrors and pretty much all standard GTA features.

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MAN KAT II 8x8 truck | Raw 3D Scan. 3D Model. Sircher. Follow. 374. 374 Downloads. 2.8k. 2774 Views. 59 Like. Download 3D Model Add to Embed Share Report. Triangles: 366.9k. Vertices: 183.4k. More model information. MAN KAT II is a 8x8 truck purposed for extreme tasks.

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Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Netherlands Used 10 MAN 8-150 FAE 4X4 EX-ARMY Location Sj .land 4180 Soro. Army truck €16,500 Padborg, Denmark Used 70,576 km 4x4 13 MAN 8-136 FAE 4X4 EX-ARMY WITH SEPSON WINCH & H.M.F. CRANE. Location Sj .land 4180 Soro. Army truck €17,500

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MAN KAT 1 A1 8x8 Truck wide body Ex army low 24,427 kms 15 ton pay load 32 ton GVW 8 speed Manual ZF 16S160 gearbox Deutz BF8L513C 360 hp V8. Price upon request. Show . MAN KAT A1 15t. 8x8 (2.90m) The MAN 32.360 8x8 2.9mtr was developed by MAN trucks to accommodate loads with high centres of gravity. The high ground clearance for rough.

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The MAN KAT1 was a family of high-mobility off-road trucks developed by MAN SE for the German army. In 1962 the Bundeswehr planned to replace its fleet of vehicles, which still stemmed from the time the army had been founded. It wanted amphibious two-, three- and four-axle vehicles in the 4 to 10 ton payload range. Because a high degree of new development was necessary, the German federal.

MAN KAT A1 15t. 8x8 (2.90m) A.M. Hommeles

It is a 15 ton class vehicle modified with a wider track of 2,900 mm, that serves as carrier and launcher systems of the Roland and Patriot weapon systems.The four-axle truck is powered by a Deutz 8-cylinder Diesel engine with 360 hp, turbocharger and intercooler. Like the 5-, 7- and 10-ton classes, some of the vehicles have a Rotzler winch. [2]