VIDEO Max Verstappen’s Funny Moment With Penelope And Cats SportVideos.TV

The secret of Imola’s lucky F1 paddock cat

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has been infamous for his ruthless demeanor. However, there are times when fans and audiences can not help but accept that a gentle soul lies behind a championship-winning Formula 1 driver. Verstappen shared a detailed account of an incident where he had to act on his instincts in order to rescue his beloved cat.

VIDEO Max Verstappen’s Funny Moment With Penelope And Cats SportVideos.TV

END OF YEAR REPORT: Dominance from start to finish as Red Bull and Verstappen hit new heights. Given the Woking team's rate of progress and competitive end to the campaign, reigning triple world champion Verstappen feels there is potential for McLaren to be "very strong" out of the blocks in 2024.

VIDEO Max Verstappen’s Funny Moment With Penelope And Cats SportVideos.TV

Max Verstappen snaps back at rival's dad after car remark gets under Red Bull star's skin Max Verstappen was almost unbeatable in the RB19 last season, taking 19 out of a possible 22 Grands Prix wins.

"Roscoe vs Max's cats for the WDC" F1 fans adore Max Verstappen's Jimmy and Sassy Tshirt at a

Max Verstappen once jokingly named his cats after F1 rivals Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff Max Verstappen's cats, were once referred to by the Dutchman as Lewis and Toto. He joked about this in a livestream. Verstappen's rivalry with Mercedes in Formula 1 has been one of the most compelling storylines in recent years.

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Max Verstappen - the cool cat in F1 While the feline Lewis and Toto may trouble Max a lot, the real duo on the paddock doesn't seem to be getting in the Dutchman's hair. Leaving America after doubling his lead in the championship, Verstappen seems far from the volatile personality he once was. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad

VIDEO Max Verstappen’s Funny Moment With Penelope And Cats SportVideos.TV

Max Verstappen explains how his cat jumped from his balcony to a neighbor's balcony and was missing for a while before being found and returned to Max's Mona.

Max Verstappen Calls His Cats Lewis And Toto... YouTube

Max Verstappen has always said he is a proud cat dad outside of the Formula 1 racetracks. By Riddhi Mondal Edited By Riddhi Mondal Updated January 5, 2024 / 10:01 GMT Max Verstappen and his cats Sassy and Jimmy At only 26 years of age, Max Verstappen has achieved some of the feats that fans would have thought impossible at his age.

"Roscoe vs Max's cats for the WDC" F1 fans adore Max Verstappen's Jimmy and Sassy Tshirt at a

Max Verstappen has revealed that he was once forced to rescue his pet cat by smashing through one of his doors with a hammer. The Red Bull star claimed that the pet had been missing for.

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Max Verstappen. As the F1 world is enjoying a week's break after the Miami GP, Max Verstappen has turned to Twitch to stream his gameplay for the virtual 24 Hours of Nürburgring. During the stream, he started talking about a crazy rescue story where he almost fractured his shoulder trying to save his cat.

Max Verstappen Suggests Renaming His Cats Lewis Hamilton & Toto Wolff at Sim Event

June 14, 2023 Celebrities Pets Max Verstappen, the renowned Formula 1 driver, not only possesses an exceptional talent for racing but also a fondness for feline companionship. Among his beloved pets, two cats hold a special place in his heart: Lewis and Toto.

WATCH Max Verstappen recalls a rescue effort that nearly injured his shoulder to save his pet cat

Max Verstappen is definitely a cat person, who has had the two cats as pets for over a year now, with this T-shirt only showing his love for the two. Not every day can one see the soft side of F1 drivers who are constantly giving their 100% on track to be faster than anyone else.

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Join the race! Get Exclusive News & Latest memes The rivalry on the track translates to love off the track as Max almost named his two cats after his rivals! Although he later revealed that he had named them Jimmy and Sassy, the fans will always remember the two as Lewis and Toto.

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25 July 2021, 10:00 2 comments Max Verstappen was taking part in a sim race when his cats disrupted his work. It resulted in some hilarious comments from the Dutchman. Author RacingNews365 Staff Video To news overview © Getty Images/Red Bull Contentpool

Max Verstappen broke door to save his cat as Red Bull star recounts odd rescue tale F1 Sport

Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion and current championship leader, recently shared a heartwarming story during a Twitch session. In this bedtime tale, Verstappen revealed how he went to great lengths to rescue his beloved feline companion.

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Verstappen jokes about his cats Their names are Lewis and Toto RacingNews365 Max Verstappen is on holiday, just like all other drivers and people who have something to do with Formula 1. Just before he went on this holiday he couldn't resist giving away some quotes and stories about his cats and his relationship with dogs. Because Verstappen is more of a cat person. This is evident in the interview below.