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1 Answer. Who took her home? The subject in the affirmative statement is "They" and the object is "her". So there are two "object form" questions. Who did they take home. Both have the fronted pronoun and subject-verb inversion. The subject question simply replaces the subject with the question word "who".

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Past simple and subject and object questions 6toy7mo Member for 3 years 4 months Age: 11-18 Level: Pre-intermediate Language: English (en) ID: 87089 07/04/2020 Country code: AR Country: Argentina School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) (1061958) Main content: Past simple (2013235)

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09/05/2020. Country code: UA. Country: Ukraine. School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) (1061958) Main content: Subject and Object questions (2009870) An exercise to practise making questions. Other contents: Past Simple and Past Continuous.

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Watch this video to understand what SUBJECT-OBJECT QUESTIONS are. This video clearly explains how to form questions in the PRESENT and the PAST. You will l.

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How would the subject and object questions might look like in Past Simple tense. The main question is about the rule to use "did" or verb alone in the sentence. I am little confused with all above and the next sentence. Affirmative: They talked to this guy yesterday. Object:? Subject:?

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Not sure which one to say:* Who called you? * Or Who did call you? * Or maybe Who did you call?Watch this video to learn and PRACTICE asking Subject / Object.

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We can ask two object questions: What did Jeremy buy in Ireland? QW + auxiliary verb + subject + main verb + complement (adverbial of place) - What did Jeremy buy in Ireland? - He bought a nice mug. Where did Jeremy buy this nice mug? QW + auxiliary verb + subject + main verb + direct object - Where did Jeremy buy this nice mug? - In Ireland.

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A subject question asks who, what, or which thing (or person) performed (or is performing) an action. For example: Who provides lunch at the conference? What caused the flood? Which type of sandwich is the best tasting? What Are Object Questions? Object questions ask about the receiver of the action.


Explanation - Examples; These questions ask about the subject. Wh-question word + VERB.? There isn't an auxiliary verb (do, does, did) in these questions: Q: Who owns this shop? A: John owns this shop. Q: Who works here? A: Amy and Jess work here. Q: What makes you happy? A: Chocolate makes me happy. Q: What causes accidents? A: Bad weather, road conditions, and careless drivers cause.

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Subject and Object Question Summary. I hope these three printable worksheets help you practice subject and object questions. Remember: Subject questions do not need auxiliary verbs. Object questions need auxiliary verbs, such as do, does, and did. Use these three easy subject and object questions worksheets to quiz yourself on the topic.

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1. Subject questions 2. Object questions Mind the difference in meaning in the following two questions: Explanation Word order in English questions (Summary) Questions in Passive Questions in the Simple Past, Questions with did Questions in the Simple Present, Questions with do, does Questions with can Questions with have and have got

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30 min Subject and object questions Share Level: Intermediate (B1-B2) Type of English: General English Tags: forming questions Grammar practice Publication date: 20/08/2021 This audio-aided worksheet teaches the two types of questions commonly used in English: subject questions and object questions.

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August 20, 2013 - In the simple present and simple past tense, we make questions and negatives with do, does and did. But there are some exceptions to this rule. In subject questions where we want to find information about the subject, we do not use the auxiliary verb do/does/did.

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Choose the correct questions using the following prompts. You should ask a question about the word underlined: 1. I bought a newspaper this morning. What bought you this morning? What did you buy this morning? What you did buy this morning? 2. Something odd happened during the storm last night.


Subject questions ask who or which person or object does something: Who lives there? Which car has the best safety features? Who bought that house? Auxiliary Verbs in Object Questions All tenses in English use auxiliary verbs.

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Most questions in English are object questions - we want to know about the receiver of the action. These questions follow the QUASM formula: Qu estion word - A uxiliary verb - S ubject - M ain verb. For questions in the simple present, the auxiliary verbs are do and does: What do you want to drink? We want some fruit juice. Who does Karen like?