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The answer is effective value stream management. Value Stream Management is a management technique or practice that focuses on increasing the flow of business value from customer request to customer delivery. Its systematic approach to measuring and improving flow helps organizations shorten time-to-market, increase throughput, improve product.

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The technical definition is, "Value Stream Management is a new strategic and operational approach to the data capture, analysis, planning, and implementation of effective change within the core cross‐functional or cross‐company processes required to achieve a truly lean enterprise.

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Step 1: Get the right people in the room. Buy-in and strategic alignment are important parts of value stream management—and both require having the right people in the room to map out value streams, make decisions, and set priorities. Ideally, both leaders and practitioners should be a part of this process.

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Value stream manager provides leadership and supervision to manufacturing, manufacturing engineering and global supply chain planning, and matrix leadership role for other operations team working for the same value stream to create a world class operations team. Value Stream Manager Duties & Responsibilities

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Value stream managers are responsible for overseeing the production of a product or service. They work with cross-functional teams to identify and eliminate waste, increase efficiency, and improve quality. Value stream managers may also be responsible for managing relationships with vendors or suppliers.

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The value stream manager is essentially responsible for aligning the organization's activities and resources around value creation, and must possess certain characteristics to be successful. According to the Lean Enterprise Institute, these include the ability to view the value stream from a broad perspective, understand key system.

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The value-stream manager is the architect of the value stream, identifying value as defined from the customer's perspective and leading the effort to achieve an ever- shortening value-creating flow.

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Value Stream Management (VSM) is a leadership and technical discipline that enables the maximum flow of business value through the end-to-end solution delivery life cycle. Today, delivering digitally enabled solutions in large enterprises is often complex and spans many functional boundaries.

Lean Product Management Product Manager Value Stream Luís Gonçalves

The Role of a Value Stream Manager A Value Stream Manager is a strategic leader responsible for implementing, managing, and continually optimizing value streams within an organization to maximize value for customers.

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What does a Value Stream Manager do? Managers oversee groups or segments on the job, including a team, a department store, or a district. Managers work to ensure that their assigned jurisdiction is a well-staffed and efficient one, and that it adheres to the organization's quality and service regulations as well as its standards.

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Value stream management is a set of practices that improve the way teams deliver high-quality customer experiences. VSM focuses on two things - how quickly customer-requested features or updates are delivered and whether the customer realizes the value from those changes.

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The Value Stream Manager is a new and growing role in software development. But despite being a relative newcomer, they play a critical role in leading today's changing software development processes. In the movement toward value stream oriented teams, which organizes all the activities and processes that deliver a software product or service.

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A value stream manager is responsible for monitoring supply chain management operations and enhancing logistics performance to prevent operational delays and minimize waste loss.

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What is a Value Stream Manager? Nick Mathison HCL Accelerate's Product Manager My role as a value stream manager is to increase the work throughput that flows through our development practices while reducing the drag or problematic areas that may arise during the normal development processes.

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Definition: A value-stream manager is a person that is responsible for increasing the ratio of value 2 to non-value, and eliminating waste in the overall supply chain from start to finish, for a defined product family; and for ensuring that the value stream meets or exceeds customer requirements. Primary Responsibilities: