Seriously! 20+ Facts About Harry Potter Memes? But it's 2021, which means we get to combine the

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Hilarious 'Harry Potter' Memes Even Diehard Fans Haven't Seen

20 Funny Harry Potter Memes. Igmur. Sometimes it's the simplest jokes that make us laugh the hardest! The line "You have your mother's eyes" brings to mind the sad scene between Severus Snape and Harry Potter, but naturally, the internet will SEE your sentimental words and RAISE you a hilarious screen grab. 03.

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And even better, when Ron saw Harry's dress robes for the first time and was shocked. 6. When Mad-Eye Moody (who was actually Barty Crouch Jr.) turned Malfoy into a ferret. "Malfoy deserved it.

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30 Funny Harry Potter Pictures September 4, 2012 4 1953 The world of Harry Potter is full of colorful characters with distinct personalities. Be it Mad-Eye Moody with his ever-rotating eye, or Ron with his funny faces, or even Dumbledore with his wise sayings, each character is fun to read about or watch on-screen.

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Malfoy (Tom Felton) steps forward and is forced into one of the most awkward hugs ever depicted on-screen, a moment so hilariously uncomfortable that it instantly cemented its spot in the annals of.

15 Hilarious 'Harry Potter' Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

25 Harry Potter Memes That Are Still Hilarious In 2023 863 Filed under "Collections" Published about a month ago by Mateus Lima. Like us on Facebook! Like 1.8M Share Save Tweet More than a decade has passed since the last Harry Potter film premiered in movie theaters all over the world.

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Best Harry Potter Memes, 50 Funny Pictures with HP Harry Potter Memes Contents What else can we say about the famous Harry Potter, the boy, who became the One for the children all over the world? There was said enough but there always will be the Joker having plenty of hilarious Harry Potter memes.

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Harry Potter - Every Funny Moment In The Series Supercut Action 179K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 111K Share 9.3M views 5 years ago A Supercut/compilation of all the funniest moments from.

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Below, Bored Panda has put together a list of hilarious Harry Potter-themed Tumblr posts. From hilarious questions to silly jokes - Harry Potter fans sure can be creative (and funny)! Check out the funny Tumblr posts below and don't forget to vote for your favorites.

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25 When Ron And Professor McGonagall Share A Truly Magical Moment Via: On the subject of Harry Potter, there's one super important thing to bring up: the whole books versus movies debate. A lot of the time, as we know, movie adaptions just fail to live up to the original source material.

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Magic and Muggles The Weasleys all clearly skipped Muggle Studies, and the Dursleys definitely have a no-wizards-welcome policy. So those times their worlds collided are some of our favourite funny moments. When Mrs Weasley gave the postman a right laugh

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This is, without a doubt, Harry's funniest moment. 4. In Goblet of Fire, when Harry called Rita Skeeter a cow in front of Dumbledore and then quickly apologized. But then Dumbledore responded, "I.

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One of the most famous memes out of the Harry Potter saga stems from the pronunciation of the first name of fan-favorite character, Sirius Black ( Gary Oldman ), which sounds a lot like.

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112 Harry Potter Memes That Are Never Not Funny Books · Updated on Apr 3, 2023 112 Harry Potter Memes That Will ~Always~ Make You Laugh Presented without commentary. by Loryn Brantz.

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The Harry Potter series includes many different characters, including Hagrid, Sirius Black, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and Harry himself. And you can bet that all of them make an appearance in the following 63 funny memes. I hope you enjoy them and if you do, please share them on social media!