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1. The Normal Ending The party has been canceled. V was in the hospital for some reason and MC is with him too. They both then go house hunting in the city. Both live together and V is now a musician. To get this ending, gain as many hearts with V as you can and attend the party with 0-9 RSVP emails (completed). 2. The Good Ending

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V is shown to be such a nice and caring guy in every other route he is leader that everyone follows but every choice I made with V was just ugh god stop she is evil why are u still making excuses for her. it was the whole "a good woman will turn a devil into an angel wattpad" attitude like she just needs serious goddamn help your love wasnt.

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V Mystic Messenger Personality. V is basically a very loyal and Mysterious person and always keeps other secrets and respects their privacy. He is also a childhood friend of Jumin Han and they talk a lot when going to church. He is a Head of RFA and working with 707 to keep secret things to the Members of RFA.

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Getting this route is a lot more difficult than almost any other route in the game. To get started on V's route, you must get as many of V's hearts as possible during the prologue on days 1.

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Mystic Messenger: how to get on V's route walkthrough - Prologue, Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Another Story mode) | VG247 Day 1 - 00:00 1: Yoosung, right? Nice to meet you ^^ 2: No - 3: I also wanna.

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'Mysterious Messenger') is a South Korean otome game developed by Cheritz. [1] [2] It was released on July 8, 2016, for Android and August 18, 2016, for iOS. The game is described as a "storytelling messenger game" and is available in Korean, English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. [3]

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For those familiar with Mystic Messenger, V's Route is probably the most dramatic and heartbreaking. He does still fall for your character in the Good and Normal endings, but it's more focused on his, Rika's, and Ray's (aka Unknown, aka Saeran) story. Saeran is a lot less creepy and much more tragic in this storyline, and really.

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Published on Jan. 12, 2018 Follow Mystic Messenger Everything Mystic Messenger players need to romance V, the first route available in Another Story mode. Our Mystic Messenger guide.

V Mystic Messenger Blind Resume Themplate Ideas

Mystic Messenger is a mobile game in which you attempt to organise a party and win the heart of the object of your affections. Sounds pretty nice, right? A relaxing, casual game? Nope! Believe.

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Mystic Messenger's V route kicks off once you reach Day 5 of Another Story. Here is the chat times schedule for the main event. If you've made it to V route by completing the first four days of.

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Mastering Mystic Messenger requires a strategic approach and a balance between in-game activities and real-life commitments. By effectively managing your in-game schedule, participating actively in chatrooms, making strategic choices, and responding promptly to phone calls and text messages, you can fully immerse yourself in the captivating.

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The V Route in the otome game Mystic Messenger is a captivating and intricate storyline that focuses on the enigmatic character, V. For fans of the game, this route offers a unique and immersive experience that delves deep into V's perspective and the complex relationships he shares with the other characters.

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V is a person who often works with Seven together and keeps things as a secret to the RFA members. He is also childhood friends with Jumin, as Jumin has talked about both of them having used to go to the same church and V talking about their schooling times together. 1Personality Appearance Background Story 4Involvement 5SECRET 01 6Another Story

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Mystic Messenger: A Complete Guide To V's Route By Jessica Clark Dillon Updated Jul 30, 2022 V's route isn't recommended for those new to Mystic Messenger, but if you want to try and woo this character from the Another Story addon, here's how. Quick Links How to Get Onto V's Route V's Route Choices Judge And Forget Endings

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Welcome to the realm of Mystic Messenger profiles! If you've ever found yourself captivated by the unique and enigmatic characters of this popular otome game, then you're in for a real treat. In this article, we'll be delving into the depths of each character's profile, unraveling their secrets, and shedding light on their fascinating.

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Our Mystic Messenger guide now includes a full V Route walkthrough ensuring you can achieve the Normal and Good Ends with the minimum of fuss. The V route kicks off on Day 5, so you'll need.