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Use an apple, grapes, raspberries, blackberries and graham crackers! By now, I'm sure everyone has gobbled up our turkey fruit platter! It was so cute and perfect for Thanksgiving, but why let the fun stop there? So I decided to create a Christmas tree fruit platter!

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1. Use a sharp knife and a cutting board to cut off the crown of a pineapple (the top of a pineapple). Rinse and pat it dry with paper towels. 2. Position the pineapple crown upside down in the center of your platter (can be a tray or even a cheese board). This will give it the appearance of a Christmas tree. To create the star, cut a ring from.

Christmas Fruit Platter Keeping the Peas

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Instructions. Cover foam cone with plastic wrap. Slice tops off strawberries. Attach blackberries and strawberries with toothpicks, spacing them out around the cone. Remove seeds from the cantaloupe and cut into 1/2 inch slices. Using the 1 inch star cutter, make star cantaloupe shapes and add to the cone.

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Instructions. Step One: Wash and cut up all your fruit. Choose a round platter to build your wreath on. I used a large round shallow bowl, and put a small bowl in the center to hold my yogurt dip. Step Two: Arrange the fruit in layers on your platter in the shape of a wreath.

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You can use any kind of citrus you'd like (or have on hand) for this platter. Grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, and blood oranges can all be easily interchanged. And mandarins as well as tangerines are perfect little segments of fruit! The pears can be switched (or added to) apples and persimmons.

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Step One Make the outline of the bottom of the Christmas tree shape using sprigs of rosemary. Add the first layer of fruit - we use the biggest which is watermelon slices. Step Two Continue to build up the layers of fruit - we add oranges and then kiwi next. Step Three

Christmas Fruit Platter Keeping the Peas

Red and Green Fruit Salad with Vanilla Persian Fairy Floss. 4/14. Deck the glasses of red and green fruit with heavenly strands of Persian fairy floss. This festive fruit salad will bring so much joy, fun and frivolity. All the wonderful traits of a good holiday season.

Christmas Fruit Platter Keeping the Peas

Arrange kiwi slices in a circular pattern on the outer rim of the platter. Create an inner rim with the remaining kiwis. This will form the border of your fruit wreath. Next, fill in the wreath with green grapes. Using a small star-shaped cookie cutter, cut stars out of the honey melon.

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Place the sprigs of mint and rosemary on a large, round serving plate or board. Trim the ends if they are long. Create a circular pattern with the green grapes on top of the herbs. Then layer with kiwi and red grapes. Finally, add the raspberries on top, sprinkling them throughout the wreath.

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Wash and dry the berries and grapes - rinse the berries and grapes in a colander under cold running water. Then pat dry with kitchen paper, this will prevent your fruit plate from being soggy. Peel and slice the kiwi fruits. Prepare the melon wedges and slices. Slice the oranges into half moons.

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A Christmas fruit platter arranged to look like a holiday wreath. Grapes for greenery, and sliced oranges to look like flowers. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Recipe Index Courses Breakfast Main Dishes Dessert Salad Soup Sides and Appetizers Breads and Muffins Snacks Sauces and Dressings Smoothies and Drinks

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Here are the best fruits to use: Apples: Crisp, juicy, and available in a variety of colors, apples are a must-have for your Christmas fruit plate. Opt for a mix of red and green apples to add a delightful contrast of flavors and hues. Pears: Pears bring a touch of elegance with their soft, sweet flesh.

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1 pound green grapes 4 large kiwis, peeled and sliced 4 fresh strawberries, trimmed and sliced ½ cup pomegranate seeds ½ fresh pineapple, peeled and sliced 6 dried dates Directions Create an outline of a tree shape using the grapes on a cutting board or serving platter.

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How To Plan A Fruit & Cheese Platter Choose your fruits and cheeses. Keep in mind that not all fruits pair well with cheese. For example, bananas and oranges do not; grapes and berries, do.