New 20130124! Converting Scientific Notation to Ordinary Numbers

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"How to Do Addition and Subtraction in Scientific Notation" is the second part in our SCIENTIFIC NOTATION Series. Learn how to do addition and subtraction in.

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A shorthand method of writing very small and very large numbers is called scientific notation, in which we express numbers in terms of exponents of 10. To write a number in scientific notation, move the decimal point to the right of the first digit in the number. Write the digits as a decimal number between 1 and 10.

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Math Antics - Scientific Notation - Maths. December 24, 2023 8:10:05 AM. Higher Maths - The Straight Line : WHOLE UNIT! Vector Journeys with Vector Diagrams Pt2. Vector Journeys with Vector Diagrams Pt1. Straight line masterclass - Larbert Mathematics. Higher Maths - The Straight Line : WHOLE UNIT!

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Scientific Notation Foldable. I created this scientific notation foldable for my physical science students to glue in their interactive notebooks. The focus of this foldable is on converting to and from scientific notation. Here's what the inside looks like: Ignore the shiny tape. I got a bit excited and accidentally ripped my foldable!

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This is a re-upload. It contains only minor changes to terminology.To learn more about Math Antics, visit

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21 ® Date: Name: Scientic Notation matanticscom Comparing Numbers in Scientific Notation. Instructions: Use the greater-than, less-than or equal signs to compare these numbers written

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Scientific notation is a way of writing very large or very small numbers in a simpler form. Learn how to convert numbers to and from scientific notation with Math Antics , a website that provides fun and easy math videos and worksheets for students and teachers.

New 20130124! Converting Scientific Notation to Ordinary Numbers

1. 2 3. 4 5. 6 7. 8 9. 10. See Video for step-by-step . solutions to each problem. 4-10 3.85 6.25. 8.1 7. 7.04 81,000. 70,000,000 0.00704. 000 0000000 000. 4.5 × 10.

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Learn how to multiply and divide in scientific notation int this step by step example. Check out all my videos at

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Bill Gates has a net worth of around 93,000,000,000 dollars.This is a large number to write.A nanometer is 1/ billionth of a meter which is written as 0.0000.

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This is a re-upload. It is mostly the same as the previous release, but clarifies some terminology regarding the use of the word "power".To learn more abou.