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The reliability data between the Conconi test-retest showed low coefficients of variations (CV) and high intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC). The total errors for the Conconi test-retest are low for the measured variables (1.31 HR, 0.87 VO 2, 0.65 SR, and 0.1 S). The Bland- Altman's method for analysis validity showed a strong.

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The Conconi-Test is a practical method, of defining your Lactate Threshold LT (as Heart Rate or Power Level at the anaeronic/aerobic threshold) under realistic circumstances. This can then be used to define your Training Zones. The success of the test depends largely on the choice of a suitable route. Ideally it would be a covered velodrome.


Conconi test Based on a 1982 paper by a team led by Italian researcher Francesco Conconi, this test uses a heart-rate monitor. At slow-to-moderate paces, heart rate increases linearly with pace.

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Journal of strength and conditioning research. 2002. TLDR. The primary objective of this study was to assess the validity of the Conconi method of assessing anaerobic threshold (AT), which was measured by a computer-assessed break point in heart rate from linearity (Conconi method) and by the V-slope method. Expand.

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Received: September 19, 2015 Accepted: March 10, 2016. This study aimed to examine the validity of the modi ed Conconi test (CT) to predict lactate threshold (LT) during fi running. Twelve distance runners randomly performed the modi ed CT and the incremental test in which LT was fi determined directly by measuring blood lactate (BLa).

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How to conduct the test. The athlete determines their starting speed and the increment in speed every 200 metres to complete between 2.5km and 4km before being unable to continue. Using their best 10 km time, the Conconi Test Pace Calculator can determine the time for every 200 metres for the track and the treadmill test's speed.

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The maximal HR achieved on the Conconi test and the treadmill test was 180 beats/min. The maximal running speed achieved was higher on the Conconi test (18.3 km/h) than on the treadmill (17.3 km/h). Fig. 3.Time course of HR response for subject 2 during each stage of a continuous treadmill run test (60-s stages). Final HR achieved at each stage.

Test Conconi cos'è e come farlo con il tuo Garmin

The Conconi test was developed using 210 runners, and centres on the principle of increasing heart rate with increasing intensity, or speed.. Perform the test on either a running track or a.

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Structured Running Event Training Based on Heart Rate. The Conconi test is a relatively simple way for runners to test and analyze their anaerobic threshold. The test takes its name from the Italian exercise physiologist Francesco Conconi and was initially developed for cyclists to test performance. However, it can be adapted to analyze lactate.

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fitness level. Some subjects were tested repeatedly during the years. Initial speed of the running treadmill test was determined in the range of 10 to 12 km·h-1, according subjects age and fitness level.. Conconi test overestimated this value (0.5 km·h-1). Conclusion: Using of Conconi test as a predictor of ANP has a limitation. ANP values.

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The Conconi Test was first described by Italian Sport Scientist Francesco Conconi in 1982 (Conconi et al. 1982). purpose: to determine the heart rate at the anaerobic threshold for setting training zones. equipment required: stopwatch, heart rate monitor (with recording and recall function), running track or exercise equipment.

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Test from Conconi for runners. The simplest method to determine the anaerobic threshold is by listening to your breathing: if you start panting, then sit you around the threshold. Much more reliable is the Conconitest, an exercise test in which the walking speed is gradually increased and the corresponding heart rate.

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This study aimed to examine the validity of the modified Conconi test (CT) to predict lactate threshold (LT) during running. Twelve distance runners randomly performed the modified CT and the incremental test in which LT was determined directly by measuring blood lactate (BLa). Mean values of heart.

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Conconi et al. (1982) reported the development of noninvasive field test for anaerobic threshold (AT) based upon an observed deviation from the linear heart rate (HR)--running velocity (RV.

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Validity of the modified Conconi running test. Int J Sports Med2007 Dec;28 (12):1006-11. doi: 10.1055/s-2007-965071. Epub 2007 Jul 5. Department of Kinesiology of Sport, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia. The aim of this study was to assess the validity of a fast ramp treadmill protocol for determination of the heart.

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The Conconi Test is a sports medicine test [1] intended to measure an individual's maximum anaerobic and aerobic threshold heart rates . The test measures a person's heart rates at different loads (e.g. faster speeds on a treadmill). The points are plotted on a graph with heart rate on one axis and power (or some correlated measurement such as.